Information about Luing Community Council

The Luing Community Council (LCC) sits within the Argyll and Bute Council’s scheme of Community Councils and is subject to their Scheme of Establishment and Code of Practice

– details can be found on the Argyll & Bute Council’s website.


The Luing specific details are :

  • The core membership is 10 and members will be elected if nominees are greater than 10.
  • The working membership is 5 with a quorum of 3.
  • The LCC has agreed an alteration to the standard Constitution, namely that the minimum number of meetings be one AGM and four ordinary meetings with one of these being held on the same evening as the AGM. 

Public Meetings 

The meetings start at 7:45 pm to allow A&B Council Ward members to be collected from the 7:30pm ferry.  The Hall will be open half an hour earlier and so that members of the public can read the correspondence that has accumulated.


General 22nd September 2015 Toberonochy Hall
General  24th November Cullipool Hall
General 9th February 2016  Toberonochy Hall





The Luing Newsletter also runs under the auspices of the LCC.  There are two issues per year and copies can be purchased in the Luing Store for £2.50.    All submissions to the newsletter should be passed to one of the editors.