Health Information 

Primary Care :- Easdale Medical Practice - Surgery Times

Access to Medical help :- See medical attention file below.

NHS Higland :-  Argyll and Bute is now within NHS Highland and the Board now plan to issue regular briefings.

Argyll and Bute Community Health Partnership :- is the CHP within NHS Highland that manages our health services. Website Link.

Rural General Hospital :- Lorn and Islands Hospital  (LIH)

All health services are operated by Argyll and Bute Community Health Partnership (A&B CHP) which is one of the four CHP areas in NHS Highland.  Within the CHP, Oban is the Oban Lorn & Islands (OLI) Locality and health services are managed by the Locality Manager operating from LIH.  More details see their website.

Current policy says that the public should be engaged in service design the buzz word being Patient Focus Public Involvement alias PFPI.  The group established is in A&B is the A&B Public Partnership Forum (PPF) with a subgroup for OLI Locality. Details of the meetings can be found within the Locality PPF website.  This page also includes a Locality news update and Locality useful contact list.   

Highland Health VoicesNetwork newsletter is available on their website.

Assistance with travel costs related to health services :- See guide.

Scottish Ambulance Strategy Documents 2011 to 2015 now available

 One for Community Resilience (recognise any faces?), other for Clinical Strategy

A&B CHP Health Check Oct 2011

 Is available on CHP website : pdf file

NHS Highland Newsletter "Health Check"

 Electronic version can be found on the NHS Highland website.  Every household should have received a copy.

NHS Highland Network Newsletter

 August Issue out now.  

Mental Health in Argyll & Bute

 Newsletter Issue 10, August 2011 now on website.

MS Research Study

 Join the UK MS Register and help the research study.   Edinburgh is one of the pilot sites.

Scottish Ambulance News

 Website redevelopment public input :  complete survey and or join reference group  - more info 

Workshop on Patient Transport Service in Oban - more info

Luing's Patient Transport vehicle

 Scheme was launched on 11 November 2010.

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NHS INFORMdownloads: 1232 | type: pdf | size: 77 kB

 This service - a new health information service for Scotland - will be launched this summer.
Open document for more detail

Hospital Redesign Newsletter 4downloads: 1224 | type: pdf | size: 680 kB

 Newsletter for staff and public - latest progress on Lorn & Isles Hospital Redesign

A&B Mental Health Redesigndownloads: 1188 | type: pdf | size: 205 kB

 Jan 2011 Newsletter on Mental Health in Argyll & Bute

Hospital Redesign Newsletter 5downloads: 1226 | type: pdf | size: 425 kB
MEDICAL ATTENTIONdownloads: 1202 | type: pdf | size: 83 kB

 Access to medical attention while on Luing

Hospital Redesign Newsletter 6downloads: 1244 | type: pdf | size: 1004 kB