Ferry Information

*****  Please Note that the Scottish Ferries Review Consultation responses are now available on their website.  *****
LCC Response was not done online (not listed in list of responses), see submitted document below.

View the Luing Ferry Timetable on the Calmac website.

Ferry Group

This group has recently been formed to look at Luing Ferry issues.  It is composed of three LCC members, two A&B C Members and an A&B C Officer, Operational Services Marine Unit  (Duncan MacIntyre, Roddy McCuish and Martin Gorringe).  Notes from the meetings can be found below.

Response to Scottish Ferries Reviewdownloads: 1326 | type: pdf | size: 128 kB
Questions prepared for 20/09/2010downloads: 1274 | type: pdf | size: 47 kB

 Sent in a week before the meeting.

Meeting Notes
Mar 2010downloads: 1303 | type: pdf | size: 78 kB

 Notes from Ferry Group Meeting on 29/03/2010.

Apr 2010downloads: 1215 | type: pdf | size: 95 kB

 Notes from the Ferry Group Meeting on 19 April 2010

May 2010downloads: 1217 | type: pdf | size: 72 kB
June 2010downloads: 1497 | type: pdf | size: 108 kB

 Meeting held in public.

Sept 2010downloads: 1331 | type: pdf | size: 95 kB